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Being only 23 years old, Sandro Sacco opened a traditional travel agency in 1995. He had just successfully completed his three-year apprenticeship as a travel agent! A bold step, indeed. But his efforts and passion were rewarded right from the start: “I like to remember the personal contact to customers and the easy way of holiday booking”, Sacco recalls. At first, there were 30 sqm and one employee – by now his team comprises 16 people! With the granting of an IATA license, which allowed him to offer worldwide flight tickets since1996, REISESERVICE SACCO became firmly established in his hometown.

The fact that Sandro Sacco specialised in back then so-called Ethnic Fares is actually owed to a personal contact to Ghana and his business acumen: “When I attended an African festival in Munich again, I simply had a flyer with me to advertise current flights to West Africa.” That was in 1997, the birth of my West Africa business!” From there on, the trend was straight upward: With already seven employees then, REISESERVICE SACCO moved to new and bigger premises in the year 2000. Individual and package tours for tourists as well as a constantly growing number of flights to West Africa let the business grow continuously.

The secret of Sacco’s success? Sandro Sacco is a master at finding the best prices!

Routing, comparing airlines and seat classes as well as good personal contacts with the airlines are the keys that have made him the German market leader for special tickets to West Africa over the years. And of course his multicultural team of travel experts, who never lose their kindness and professionalism even in the most stressful daily call centre business!

Since 2002, airlines such as KLM or Air France, which operate the densest route network in West Africa, have awarded REISESERVICE SACCO year after year as top seller of tickets to Nigeria, Ghana and Togo. The benefit for those who buy Sacco’s tickets to West Africa: “Only we as a mega-seller get super-cheap special tickets that aren’t available anywhere else on the internet!”, Sacco proudly explains.

With the move of now 15 employees to a 200 sqm loft office in 2008, REISESERVICE SACCO gains state-of-the-art working environment. Finally, call centre, individual tourism, marketing and accounting department have enough space. In that same year, the corporate slogan “Bringing people together” becomes a registered trademark! Simultaneously, Sacco intensifies its Ethnic Travel business to West Africa and the national Nigerian soccer team promptly booked tickets with Sacco. What a great honour and joy for the boss, who is a passionate soccer fan!

The tourism department, in which two employees fulfil holiday wishes for travellers, also comes to fruition. The RTK Tourism Association with more than 3500 members ranks REISESERVICE SACCO among the TOP 50 travel agencies in Germany! Hats off!

That makes it easy to celebrate the 20th company anniversary in 2015.

Even harder it is for principals Jane and Sandro Sacco to have to close the tourism business in the 25th year in 2020, since it has completely collapsed under the pandemic. Since then, REISESERVICE SACCO has focused even more intensively on its core business, special flight tickets to West Africa. More than 10,000 tickets per year are sold by today’s 16-people-team on the telephone.

“Visit friends and relatives” at the best flight prices is the promise that the German market leader keeps day by day. You’ re welcome!

Our milestones

1995 - Die Gründung

Sandro Sacco is only 23 years old when he founds REISESERVICE SACCO as traditional travel agency. He shared only 30 sqm with one employee.


Sandro Sacco obtains the coveted IATA license which allows him to Airline tickets for sale all over the world


First Ethnic Travel flight tickets to West Africa were offered


The company grows and moves to new office: 7 employees on 90 square meters now take care of tourist individual and package tours as well Flights to West Africa


We were first rated “Best Seller of KLM Flight Tickets to Nigeria, Ghana, and Togo. And we are proud to say that we have been receiving this award every year since then!


Air France and Iberia Best Distributor Award


With the move of the now 15-strong team to a 200 sqm large loft office is also the company slogan "Bringing people together". registered trademark! Finally all team players have enough space - whether call center, tourism, marketing or accounting. At the same time, Sacco intensifies its ethnic travel business West Africa and southern Brazil. At the international tourism fair in Berlin, KLM honors Sandro Sacco as"Best trading partner for West Africa in Germany" And that's another prestigious award Companies this year: The tourism association RTK Chooses REISESERVICE SACCO among the TOP 50 travel agencies in Germany - and that with more than 3500 members! Chapeau!


First cooperation with Afroshops in Italy


REISESERVICE SACCO celebrates 20 years - and with us, many satisfied ones Tourism customers, to whom we have given many beautiful holiday memories. The company bosses Jane and Sandro celebrate the company's 20th anniversary Sacco and their whole staff celebrate by having a carefree weekend in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.


With a heavy heart, Sacco closes the tourism business by the end of the year, which has completely collapsed under the pandemic and is now concentrating on its core business, special flight tickets to West Africa


With a dedicated team, REISESERVICE SACCO is optimistic about the future and continuous to expand its core business of West Africa under the motto n „Visit Friends and relatives“

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