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juillet 2010

African Courier - 2010

Célébrer partenariat excellent

décembre 2009

African Courier - 2009 Interview

De nombreuses compagnies aériennes ont commencé il y a quelques mois à rétrécir les conditions des billets de voyage ethnique extrêmement populaires et avantageux. On aspire à l’uniformisation des conditions de réservations au trafic saisonnier international et à la sécurité de réservation plus...

juillet 2009

African Courier - 2009

Partenariat excellent: REISESERVICE SACCO de nouveau le meilleur vendeur de tickets de KLM et Air France 

février 2009


Changed opening hours - Important information to customers

Accessibility of our travel agency

We are also affected by the country's restrictions and follow the recommendations of the RKI and contribute to the containment of Covid-19.

For this reason, we apply the following notes immediately:

Our office is closed for personal customer traffic!

Customers with departure from now until April 30th, 2020 have priority 1 and will be taken care of by phone or email.
Customers with departure from May 1st, 2020, please be patient until we have more information from the organizers and airlines.

You can reach us by phone at: +49 8031-18890 or
by email at:

Please take a picture of this note on your mobile phone so that you always have our contact details at hand!
We will also master this crisis, because we want to continue to be there for you and plan the best time of the year with you again soon.