The Nollywood E-Golden Awards Gala Night

Nollywood stars honoured in Germany
Book your flights with a reputable agent, advises Sacco

Notable stars of the Nigerian film were honoured at an event in the German city of Essen recently. The Nollywood E-Golden Awards (NEGA) Gala Night was to commemorate twenty years of Nollywood and honour some of the personalities who have contributed to the progress of the film industry.

Among those honoured at the event, which took place at the end of last year and was hosted by Ehizoya Golden Entertainment, were Charles Idonije, Zak Zulu Okafor and the Ghanaian super actress Jackie Appiah. Isaac Izoya, founder/director of the promotion outfit, in his welcome speech, said he organised the event to send a “the world recognises you message” to Nollywood. He added that the importance of Nollywood transcended entertainment. “Nollywood is an active participant in the process of the decolonisation of the African mind by its celebration of our original creativity,” Izoya said.

The chief guest of honour and major sponsor of the event, Sandro Sacco, commended Nollywood for promoting a positive image of Africa. The managing director of Reiseservice Sacco, one of Germany’s biggest travel agencies, described Africa as a continent of great cultural wealth and tasked the continent’s artistes to still do more to better sell Africa to the world.

Answering a question from the audience on the difference in booking flights directly through the airlines or travel agents, Sacco advised travellers to Africa to book their flights through reputable agents. He explained that if problems arise for travellers who book directly through the airlines, they would have nobody to turn to for immediate help. “For example, you might need to suddenly change the dates of your flights after the ticket has been issued,” he said. “If you don’t have an agent this could prove very difficult for you.”

The travel agent who has won many awards from different airlines for his services, especially to travellers to African destinations, explains the functions of an agent which includes “being there always for those who buy tickets from them”.

Sacco also talked about Ethnic travel fares - special tickets provided at discounts and sold only to people bearing the nationality of the country of destination, but who possess residence status in Germany or Austria. He recommended the tickets to Africa travellers because they “offer more flexibility for home-bound flights than ordinary tickets, often carry longer validity periods, charge lower transfer fees and offer higher baggage allowance.”

Reiseservice Sacco, which last year received the travel industry RTK Award for being among the Top 50 travel agents in Germany and for the tenth time an award from KLM/Air France as the best ticket-seller for flights to West Africa, is very popular in the African community in Germany and several other European countries.

The ceremony, which featured cultural dances and a music concert, was attended by guests from across Europe. A Lufthansa return ticket to Lagos, donated by Reiseservice Sacco, was raffled at the event.

Sola Jolaoso



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