Sandro & Jane Sacco

Bringing people together

A couple which connects cultures: Jane and Sandro Sacco


Bringing people together is our company’s motto. We interpret it as: The world is a network full of relationships and we are in the middle! We are intermediaries between people and culture.  

Travel to us means more than a change of location. It is to arrive and return home and to discover and to let go. It means travelling at the best possible conditions – from all-inclusive trips to ethnic travel.
For each customer, we find the optimal specials and make your dreams become reality – towards this goal, we strive for perfection.
We are thoroughly committed to this philosophy.
We from Reiseservice Sacco are proud of our employees.  They are multicultural in background and have a technically sound education. Your concern for friendliness and service orientation is safe in our best travel agents’ hands!