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Start your Afroshop flying! Earn a fixed income and a bonus above!


Reiseservcie Sacco is market leader in germany for ethnic fares to West-Africa.
Every year since 2002 we‘ve been the best ticket-seller for Air France, KLM and Lufthansa for flights to West African destinations like Nigeria, Ghana and Togo.
Use our established and successful business concept for Italy.

Now we search you for cooperation!

First for the regions Milan, Turin, Verona and Reggio Emilia we are looking for the right franchise partners.
Obviously there are also many other regions where we see great potential for development. Please contact us!


You sell in your Afroshop only flights from Europe to Africa – so called ethnic travel tickets.
They are
  • more flexible than the normal tickets,
  • often have longer validity,
  • allow higher luggage and
  • can be rebooked for less fees.


Start your business with no investment costs!
The basic requirements you need in your Afroshop is a telephone, a fax and an eMail-account.
To carry out your mandate, you will receive advertising material, that has to be placed in an attractive way.
Your name and your contact informations will be included on the website

We guarantee you a protected selling area!

Do you own your own Afroshop and are interested in working with us as a ticket ageny? For more information please download the adjacent application and conditions.


African Discount Shop

Cliffstan Nnaji Obijiaku
Via Sabbioni, 101
30027 San Dona di Piave 

0039 - 0421 - 332043

Divine Favour Mini Market

Cynthia Chinoso Nwaokoro
Divine Favour Mini Market
Via Leonardo Da Vinci 10/A 
28100 Novara

0039 - 0321 - 233567

0039 - 388 - 1751542

God's Time Centre

Benson Nathaniel
Via Candiano, 17
48100  Ravenna

0039 - 0544 - 1885061

Kommunications and Global Service

Richard Adebambo
59100 Prato
Piazza Ciardi 39

0039 - 057 - 4831084

Tommy Ozzy Balogun

P.IVA IT03621561202

+39 051811997

+39 3492727381


St. Paulos Afro Suriname Shop

Azeh Valentine Kanu
Lehartstraat 76
5011KD Tilburg