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May 2010

African Courier - 2010

Celebrating Excellent PartnershipTravel agency honoured by KLM/Air France again for the 8th straight year Receiving an award from KLM/Air France as the best ticket-seller for flights to West Africa is now a highlight in the appointment calendar of Reiseservice Sacco.

March 2010

Sacco raffles flight to Accra, Ghana

 Akua Oteng Agyemang holds a free ticket for a Lufthansa flight to the Ghanaian capital, Accra in his hands.  Sandro Sacco, owner of Reiseservice Sacco, donated the round-trip ticket with a value of €600.  

December 2009

African Courier - 2009 Interview

For some months now, many international airlines have started to tighten up their conditions for the sale of the popular and cheap ethnic travel tickets. The aim is to streamline the booking conditions in international tourism trade, as well as to provide more booking security. In plain words, this...

July 2009

African Courier - 2009

Celebrating Excellent Partnership: Reiseservice Sacco does it again - Best Ticket-Seller for KLM/Air France!

February 2009