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Humanitarian Travel

We help you to help people! With special air fares.
For humanitarian organizations and their staff.
This helps...


Global thinking and acting is more than just a mere economic matter. 
More than anything, it is humane!
Because all over the world, people need help and support.
It serves to safeguard their life and survival, provides them with better education opportunities, and helps protect their origin or their religious beliefs.

Numerous salaried and voluntary helpers are engaged with this.

On behalf of numerous organizations that provide

  • humanitarian aid | development aid,
  • religious services, and/or
  • emergency aid.

In order to support this valuable work, many international airlines offer special air fares for suchlike organizations and their staff. These fares are called “Humanitarian Fares”.

Your benefits:

  • you can book these fares with us from everywhere in Europe;
  • respective tickets feature an extended validity compared to others;
  • they include more free allowance;
  • and offer more flexibility.


Condition: you will have to prove your engagement for one of the abovementioned relief organizations.

The following serves as respective proof:

  • certificate issued by the organization, verifying the individual’s engagement for them;
  • an official invitation letter.

Please submit the proof in written form within three workdays as of making your booking with REISESERVICE SACCO –by e-mail, fax, or mail service letter.

Upon receipt of your proof, we will send you the special ticket – otherwise, it will lapse.


is a multi-cultural enterprise. Our philosophy is ‘Bringing people together’.
If we manage to share this concern with those who help,
we will make this world a better place together!