Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

Visitor Information

Visa: Contact the Embassy for current requirements.

Vaccination: A vaccination against yellow fever is required for travellers coming from countries where yellow fever is present.  Medication against Malaria is recommended.  See the CDC website for additional information.


Lubumbashi-Luano Airport

  • Airport Code: FBM
  • Country Code: CD
  • Time Zone: GMT+2
  • Location in reference to city: 10 kilometres from the city

Servicing Airlines

Air France

Website https://www.airfrance.com

Royal Air Maroc

Website http://www.royalairmaroc.com

Ethiopian Airlines

Reservations +243 (0)812 771 780

Airport/International Office +243 (0)812 771 780

Main Office +243 (0)818 113 377

Website http://www.ethiopianairlines.com


Taxis are available throughout the city.

A ferry is available for transport to Kinshasa.

Passenger train (Zairian National Railroad Company) transportation is available to Ilebo, Kalemie and Kindu.


Hotel Cosmopolite

15, Avenue Lomami
Demokratische Rep. Kongo

+243 9 9704 5425

+243 9 9052 4307